segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

"King of Portugal" de Al Stewart (1988)

Al Stewart é um cantor britânico, nascido em 1945, que obteve grandes êxitos na década de 70 com os singles "Year of the Cat" (Top 5 nos E.U.A. em 1976) e "Time Passages"(Top 10 nos E.U.A. em 1978) ambos com produção de Alan Parsons.

Com uma carreira de mais de 40 anos, Al Stewart publicou em 1988 o álbum "Last Days of the Century", do qual foi extraído como primeiro single o tema "King of Portugal".


Dreamed I was the King of Portugal
In a big four poster bed
Noble tapestries from wall to wall
And a crown upon my head
Bells ring and servants bring
The jewels and the robes
For the night to begin

Would you love me forever
If I had everything
Would you love me forever
If I were a king

Then it seemed that I was travelling
Through the granite hills of Dao
With a vineyard spread in front of me
In a carriage headed south
Night came with the skies aflame
And all that I saw
Was all mine to claim

There are those that can tell you
What your fantasies mean
But I don't feel the need to
Understand everything

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